About us

About Us.

Short History

Established in 2011, the Mata Chintapurni Arts/Education and Cultural Centre was started due to the need of the growing Indian community to both have a place of worship and also a place to congregate to engage in Indian events and activities.

Mission & Vission

The organisation is not only a temple, but a community centre which facilitates health activities (free yoga and free meals), Indian events (Holi, Diwali and many more) and also a centre where young and old members of the community can congregate to learn about Hinduism.

In 2020 the centre shifted to its new location at 4 Charles St St Albans. The aim is to transform this centre in to a devotional hub for the Hindu community.

About Us!

Mata Chintapurni Devi

Mata Chintapurni Devi is one of the many manifestations of the Supreme Goddess Durga. In this form She is also called Maa Chinnamasta or Maa Chinnamastika - the one with detached head. We humans have endless desires; desires steer us towards anxiety and worry.

The Divine Mother relieves Her devotees from worries (chinta) by fulfilling all their desires. That's why, appropriately called MATA CHINTPURNI. Just like any mother, our Divine Mother Maa Chintpurni Ji cannot see Her children suffering. She banishes all our sufferings and endows us with joy.

All those who come to Mata Chintpurni with wishes, do not go empty handed. Mata Chintpurni showers Her blessings on each and every one. The Chintpurni temple is the abode of Mata Chintpurni Ji

The current temple timings are as following
10am-12pm and 6pm-7pm Monday - Sunday